To enable JavaScript
in Internet Explorer:

Click Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level.

Scroll down to "Scripting".

Select Enable "Active Scripting", click Ok.

To enable Cookies
in Internet Explorer:

Click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced.

Tick "Override automatic cookie handling".

Select "Accept" for First-party Cookies, click Ok.

To enable/disable JavaScript in FireFox:

This option hass been removed from FireFox v23 and
above; it can only be done in "about:config".

Use this method only if you know what you are doing!
Alternatively: call your IT support for assistance.

To enable Cookies in FireFox:

Click Tools > Options, FireFox will open a new tab.

Select the Privacy Panel.

From the "FireFox will:" drop-down box, select "Use custom settings for history."

Tick "Accept third party cookies";

Close the tab.


Return to the CTC web page,

Press F5 to refresh the page.

The warning message should disappear.