Basic Electronics

The Basic Electronic Course presented at CTC includes the following:

Basic Training

  • Soldering of components
  • Identification of resistors, diodes and inductors and
    the use there-of
  • Using an oscilloscope
  • Construct rectification circuits
  • Identify and use Zener diodes

  • Construct a voltage doubler
  • Identify transistor action and transistor configurations
  • Test regulated power supplies
  • Test thyristors and thyristor phase control
  • Explain and apply PLC operating principles

Advanced Training

  • Test an amplifier
  • Using a transistor as a switch
  • Test multi-vibrators
  • Identify operational amplifiers
  • Construct a continuity tester

  • Test a field effect transistor
  • Test logic gates
  • Fault-find circuits
  • Test electronic systems
For more information and specific modules/unit standards, please feel free to contact CTC's Electrical Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.